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About Black Beaver Creek Kennel & Farm

Black Beaver Creek Kennel and the Bisbee Family have been breeding American Kennel Club registered miniature and tweenie dachshunds since 2002 and AKC Komondor livestock guardian dogs since 2015.  Located in rural Orr, Minnesota, BBCK is licensed and inspected by the Minnesota Board of Animal Health (MN Commercial Dog Breeder License #MN106166.)  As a family, we have focused on raising family-friendly, well-socialized, long and wire-haired dachshunds that meet dachshund breed standards.  Our belief is that, as responsible breeders, we have a lifelong commitment to the health and happiness of every puppy we breed.

On our farm, at our Kennel we have miniature adult dachshunds and puppies available.  You will find our puppies listed under “Available Puppies>Available Dachshund Puppies.”  If you are looking for an adult miniature dachshund you will find them under “Available Adult Dogs.”  Some of our adults dogs are former dams and sires, you can find out more about them on this page.  If you aren’t able to afford the cost to purchase one of our dogs but absolutely adore and LOVE dachshunds, we do have our Guardianship option.  

Our dachshunds are raised and brought up with their parents and their siblings from current and sometimes previous litters.  And with dogs in general, dogs need companionship, they aren’t like cats who are independent and want their space.  Please note that if you have no other dogs and purchase one of ours, like all other changes, the dog will have an adjustment period.  If you notice that period of time seems to take longer than expected, maybe consider purchasing another dachshund so your dog has that constant companionship and playmate.

If you are interested in working with us to find your companion, keep reading.  Below you can read about how to proceed, review our contracts, fill out a questionnaire so we can insure we help match you with the best dog.  If you aren’t local, hardly anyone is local to where we are, we will do a Zoom or FaceTime with you and the dog of choice before proceeding.  If you have absolutely any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out!  Our contact info is at the bottom of each page or you can click the “contact us” page.

Meet Your Breeders

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Meet Matt Bisbee

Throughout my career as a middle and high school teacher, BSA district executive, small business owner, and soldier, canine companionship has been the key to my success and mental health. As a disabled combat veteran, the emotional support that my best buddy, Dirt (a long-haired dachshund,) has provided has kept me going. I focus on raising doxies that can help fill that missing piece in others' life puzzles; as Dirt has for me.

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Meet Paige Bisbee

Paige is a mom to seven children. She can't remember why they started breeding dachshunds. When her children were growing up they had a Dalmatian. When that dog passed away they decided they did want to breed dogs. As for how; they chose dachshunds, Paige can't remember.

Adoption Information

Puppy/Dog Adoption Process

Thank you for considering one of our precious dachshunds or komondorok puppies.  We strive to make the perfect family-puppy match.  We have several steps to complete before a dog is placed in your home.

1.) Select a puppy that you are interested in adding to your family, (if requesting placement on our waiting list, select the characteristics that you are looking for.)

2.) Tell us about the home/family life that you are offering for this bundle of joy by completing this questionnaire to help us match you to the best dog..

3.) Read, fill out, and sign our contract in google forms here, (your typed name will be your signature until you get your dog.  If you are interested in one of our adult retirees, use the Retired Dog Contract.  

4.) Once we have agreed to a placement with you, send the $200.00 non-refundable deposit and coordinate a delivery method.  Deposits can be sent via Venmo, Facebook Funds, or a cashier’s check/USPS Money Order.

5.)  We will take the puppy to our veterinarian to get his/her final medical exam including vaccinations, fecal exam, and a State of Minnesota Health Certificate (delivery must be made within 10 days of the State Health Certificate issue date.)

6.)  If the dog is to be shipped by air, the buyer will be responsible for the cost of an approved dog crate which we will then purchase as well as the cost of the airline shipping cost/ticket.  (We do not ship any dog before he/she is at least 13 weeks old, received the 3rd puppy shot, AND is over 4 pounds.)

7.) Provide final payment of the remaining balance due at or before the time of delivery (payment must be received before a dog is shipped.)  For in-person delivery, payment must be in CASH (no credit card or electronic payment will be accepted.)

8.)  Accept delivery of your new dog and sign the Bill of Sale.

9.)  Schedule an appointment with your veterinarian within 10 business days for your new puppy.

10.)  Complete the Registration-Activation Form and snail-mail the form to us to complete the AKC/Microchip registration process.

                     How do I take delivery of my new puppy?

We offer free delivery within a two-hour drive from Orr, MN (Duluth/Superior, Cloquet, Grand Rapids, International Falls/Baudette,) or you can schedule a pickup in Orr, MN or Cook, MN free of additional charge  We can personally deliver your puppy beyond the two-hour delivery bubble for an additional fee.  We are also willing to deliver your puppy by air as a carry-on or arrange transport utilizing a trusted transporter that we have used to pick up breed stock for us and to deliver puppies for us.  Due to current events, we are unwilling/unable to ship dogs unaccompanied by air.  All deliveries must be scheduled for a date/time to meet our existing obligations.

What do I receive with my new puppy?

We do our best to provide everything that you will need to start your new life with your puppy. When purchasing one of our puppies you receive the following:

     -A quality dog that has been bred with care by a State of 
       Minnesota licensed breeder that has received all of the
       required vaccinations, a veterinarian exam, and State of
       Minnesota Health Certificate.

     -An AKC-Reunite microchip with prepaid activation.

     -Prepaid American Kennel Club registration (either limited or
       full) unless otherwise withheld by agreement.

     -A one-year health guarantee as spelled out in our contract.

     -A puppy care package of basic supplies to include: 
             -a collar, leash, dog bowl, blanket, treats, toy, and one
               week’s worth of Fromm Adult Classic (Silver and Purple
               bag) dog food (care package contents will vary.)

     -Lifetime support for every pup we breed.

Adoption Forms

These are the forms you will be signing, which are below, where it says, “download.”  Download and read the forms that pertain to your adoption.  If you are going ahead with adopting a dog, please click here and fill out this purchase contract.  We will have you sign in person as well but need preliminary information. If we don’t currently have a dog available that you are looking for but want to stay on our waitlist, then please fill out this informational form..

Dachshund Puppy Contract

Komondor Puppy Contract

Retired Dog

Bill of Sale

Registration/ Activation Note

Wait List Form